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For some reason, I want this

In 1991 Portraits, Oddities on December 20, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Yes, I know I just spent a few hundred words saying I don’t think the certified Santa autograph cards are worth bothering with. But I just saw a Cleveland Gary Pro Line card on eBay that he signed upside down. And for some reason, I want it.

Now if I’m a 12-year-old kid in 1991 who just spent $1 on a pack of cards that essentially are 3.5-by-5 advertisements for NFL licensed products … And if I pull and autograph card out of that pack … And autograph cards are reported by various sources at being inserted at a rated of one in every three boxes … And I pull Cleveland Gary … AND THE SIGNATURE IS UPSIDE-DOWN? I’m not gonna be a completely happy 12-year-old card collector.

And that, Judybats fans, would be incredibly bittersweet.

So why do I want to add this oddball card to my collection? I don’t know. It’s only $5 (plus postage, which is killing me during this Pro Line hunt). I’m not sure I would even be considering this if it were more than $5.

I doubt I will buy it. But I do have a section of my Pro Line box dedicated to oddities. And now, I have the same for this blog.