And here’s a rare Rodney Holman, if you’ve never seen one

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Beau, another friend of the site, shared with me a Rodney Holman card he owns. He said he acquired this card in Hawaii in the 1990s from an acquaintance who worked for NFL properties. He said there is a “long, cool story” attached to the card. Here is Beau’s story:

I was in the military, and I had volunteered to work for the Special Olympics during a Topps NFL card show/NFL experience. The Special Olympics held a silent auction, and Bill Barnes of NFL Properties had donated many items for us to auction off. My son and wife visited the card show. And as I was working the booth, they looked around and took part in some of the games there. I heard my name called over the speakers telling me to go to the medical tent. When I arrived, Bill Barnes was there with my wife and my son. My son’s face was a bit bloody, and I asked what had happened. I guess my son tried catching a football thrown by one of the machines, and the operator of the machine did not reduce the speed (my son was 5 years old at the time). So the ball hit my son in the face. Nothing was broken. However, upon seeing me, Bill was like, “Damn I am so sorry, Beau!” Of course, I was not upset. Things like this can happen. So after my son was attended to, Bill hooked him up with many NFL items, one being this card. So that’s the story of how I got the card.

Beau was interested in getting a handle on a value for the card. Beckett lists it at $350. I’m not a big fan of Beckett’s accuracy when it comes to the values of cards in this set. That’s why I created the market data section. Check it out here.

But as far as I know, $350 might be accurate for this card. There are so few of them around, that I don’t have access to the sale prices of many of these. So Beckett’s guess is as good as mine.


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