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Here’s a Gifford signed on the front

In 1992 Portraits on April 16, 2013 at 12:43 am

gifford signed on front

Here’s a Frank Gifford Pro Line autograph that sold this month on eBay that was signed on the front.

The only other Gifford I’d seen was signed on the back.

Shortly after publishing this post, I received an email from someone who has two Gifford certified autographs, one on the front and one on the back. He asked which is more rare. Here is what I wrote to him:

I really have no hard data about which is more “common,” which is a poor term because any certified Gifford auto is extremely rare.

I think most people prefer the autograph to be on the front. I’ve heard stories that Pro Line asked the players to sign on the back, even that they asked the players to sign on the bottom strip of the back where there is no writing. I’m not sure that these stories are true, but I don’t know that they’re false. If you look at the Santa and Mrs. Claus cards, those autographs, which obviously were done by the Pro Line folks themselves, are almost exclusively on the front. So why would they ask the players to sign on the back and then sign the Christmas cards on the front? Seems inconsistent.

But if they didn’t ask the players to sign on the back, why did so many of them do it? And why did so many of them sign the small strip at the bottom where there is no writing? I can see where some players might have done so because the photo on the front of their card is quite dark and the signature might not have been easy to see.

But despite any rumors about where the players were told to sign, I’ve heard and read complaints from collectors who think signing on the back is not as desirable as on the front. I think that desirability can have a great deal of significance to collectors. But if you get right down to it, this card is so hard to find that any Pro Line collector is going to be thrilled to acquire one, front or back.