Deion 1/9 does exist!

In 1992 Profiles on March 9, 2013 at 1:57 am

deion 1of9 copy

Two of the Deion Sanders 1992 Pro Line Profiles 1/9 cards, autographed and certified, have sold on eBay in the past two months.

This was a card that, not too long ago, I wasn’t sure even existed.

In a previous post about my first scouting report, I noted that Paul & Judy’s Coins & Cards of Arcola, Ill., was convinced that Deion had not signed and returned any of the nine-card set.

That obviously is not the case.

However, what I am not seeing in the completed auctions on eBay are cards 7/9, 8/9 and 9/9. The other six I’ve actually seen. Those three I have not.

And, when looking at the market data of completed auctions, the buyers of these two 1/9 cards got pretty good deals, one of them in particular. The most recent sold for 15.50, and an earlier one went for 24.06.

If you compare that to other Sanders Profiles cards, those prices are not bad. Good, in fact, if you consider what may be the scarcity of the card.

As of the writing of this post, i had seen only two 1/9, two 3/9 and two 6/9 cards for Deion. The 2/9 and 4/9 appear to be more common.

But I have found the 2/9 and the 4/9 to sell from $11 to $22. So $24 is not too bad for a card that I’m assuming is fairly rare. And the $15.50 price is great. Congratulations to that lucky bidder.

So if anybody has seen the 7/9, 8/9 or 9/9 cards, give me a shout.


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