Mark Rypien did sign his Pro Line Profiles set

In 1992 Profiles, Oddities on December 27, 2011 at 6:34 am

The following update on the 1992 Mark Rypien Pro Line profiles set is courtesy of Pro Line autograph collector Jayson Morand. Check out the story in his words on his website. I have paraphrased the basics here:

In 2008, Morand had the opportunity to purchase the complete 1992 Pro Line Profiles Mark Rypien autograph set.

The significance behind this is that an autographed Rypien set was not known to exist. The quarterback was in a contract dispute with the Redskins when the new Pro Line cards were being designed. Pro Line sent the cards to Rypien to be autographed.

He signed them with the thought of sending them back once his contract was settled, but he never did.

Morand bought the set from a member of the Rypien family 16 years later.

I have included one of Jayson’s scans, with his permission.


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